Friday, 18 February 2011

Maisie's 1st year of life

Maisie Mae was born 27th November 2009 at 10.40am weighing 8lb 10oz. A very healthy and very normal delivery. Maisie progressed as normal during her 1st year, with a few exceptions. We started noticing things before she was crawling. Firstly when she was in her bouncer her right leg would bounce more than her left leg, we left it a few weeks, then took her to the GP, who said it was normal. After that there was other things as well, in general wrong with the bottom half of her body, and were told to wait until she was walking. Which we did. At Maisie's 1 year check up, we told the Health Visitor about the concerns we had for Maisie, she had a little look and said that she thinks she's got Lax-Tendons, so we took her to the GP to have it checked out, and then was referred to a Physiotherapist. We saw the physio on 9th December 2010, who told us that there was nothing wrong with the Tendons in her feet, but that there was a 1/2cm difference with her legs, although the actual legs measured individually were the same length, but when she was laid down and they measured her legs that way, you could see the difference, so the physio sent a fax to the GP to order an x-ray be done to find out why there was this 1/2cm discrepancy.......

Steph xxxx