Saturday, 15 March 2014

12th March 2014 - 6 month check up

The day has come around again where we had to take Maisie to The Royal London Hospital for xrays and a check up! Maisie had specifically asked if we could go via train. So we did. Maisie loved the train, wasn't so keen on the tube. It was a lovely sunny day. Being already stressed, the train was late, we got the wrong tube by accident. Tried phoning the clinic from the tube to no avail. I was getting more and more stressed. We ended up being around half hour late for out appointment. As we approached the reception desk in clinic 3, the regular receptionist stated to another staff member "see, I told you they'd be here" - she knows we travel from outer London. We were once again given a sheet to take Maisie down for her xrays. I took Maisie down to xray while Alan went for some sandwiches for us all. As normal Maisie was very well behaved during her xray, laying perfectly still whilst the big camera takes a photo of her hips in two different positions. We went back up to clinic 3 to wait to meet Alan and wait to be called. We saw one of Miss Maizen's registrars. He confirmed straight away that Maisie's hip is looking really good, he also did the usual physical exam. We told him that our local physiotherapists had provided Maisie with a 1cm instep just over a month ago to be inserted into all her footwear. He commented that her walking was good with the instep in and her range of movement was good too. They still want to see Maisie again in 6 months, he explained that anything can change while she grows so the checks need to stay at 6 monthly. The difference since August 2013 is amazing.

Steph xxxx