Friday, 10 February 2017

New Hospital...Bad News

We have moved house!! Exciting times! With the new house brings a new hospital! We had a choice of which hospital we wanted to go to, so naturally we chose the one of the best! Appointment was on time, which is rare but welcome! Maisie went for her X-Ray and we only waited a few minutes before being called to the Dr's room. Usual examination, the registrar got Maisie's new xray up on the screen. We saw straight away it wasn't good. It looks terrible from the one she had in May 2016 - only 8 months ago! The registrar went and spoke to the consultant after taking a photo of her last xray from my phone, they don't have Maisie's notes from RLH yet. They both came back in, the consultant examined Maisie and he has advised us that Maisie is to undergo an arthriogram & CT under General Anesthetic to determine what procedures need to be done to help her. The AVN is still very much present and she's also developed Functional Arthritis, meaning that he aches more towards the end if the day after being active. This could easily turn into Juvenile Arthritis if not helped. So we wait.....

Stephy xxxx

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